Wyoming Highway 22, US-26/US-89/US-189/US-191 to WYO 390


AMP: 0

Location: WYO 22 and Broadway, Jackson

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Wyoming 22 as we head out of Jackson

AMP: 3

Location: WYO 22 and Moose Wilson Rd, Teton Cty

Junction Wyoming Highway 390 coming up in 1/2 a mile. WYO 390 is a spur up to Teton Village, right at the base of the Tetons, just south of the National Park

AMP: 4

Location: WYO 22 and Wilson Moose Rd, Teton Cty

Turn right for Wyoming 390

W to ID-33/ID State Line

N to Grand Teton National Park

E to US-189, W to WYO 391

S to WYO 391, N to US-189

N to US-26/US-89/US-191, S to WYO 391

N to US-189, S to WYO 391