Wyoming Highway 70, CO State Line to WYO 230


AMP: 18

Location: WYO 70 and CR 710, Carbon Cty

Turn right for Carbon CR 710

AMP: 33

Location: WYO 70 and NF-443, Carbon Cty

Left for National Forest Route 443

AMP: 50

Location: WYO 70 and NF-550, Carbon Cty

You could turn right here to get to Steamboat Springs, Colo. I wouldn’t recommend driving 69 miles down a logging road- keep going to Encampment, take WYO 230 to Colo. 125 to US-40

AMP: 56

Location: Macfarlane Ave and 9th St, Encampment

Welcome to Encampment!


Location: Macfarlane Ave and 6th St, Encampment

Turn right onto 6th St

AMP: 56

Location: 6th St and McCaffrey Ave, Encampment

and…turn left this time


Location: WYO 70 and WYO 230, Carbon Cty

Junction WYO 230 coming up in 1000 feet as we head out of Encampment

AMP: 57

Location: WYO 70 and WYO 230, Riverside

You’ll want to stay straight for 230 west, right for 230 east

AMP: 57

Location: WYO 70 and WYO 230, Riverside

Straight for Saratoger, right for Walden, Colo. via Colo. SH-125

W to CO State Line

W to WYO 130, E to CO-125/CO State Line