Wyoming Highway 295, US-14 Alt to Elk Basin


AMP: 13

Location: N Absaroka St and 7th St, Powell

No signage until we get out of town, then a reassurance shield

AMP: 14

Location: WYO 295 and CR L7, Park Cty

left/right for county road L7

AMP: 16

Location: WYO 295 and CR L4, Park Cty

Left/right for county road L4. WYO 295 will go up the hill in the background

AMP: 29

Location: WYO 295 and CR R1N, Park Cty

WYO 295 ends at the top of the hill near an oil facility known as Elk Basin. Note the end sign, a rarity on a route of relative insignificance in Wyoming

S to US-14 Alt

W to WYO 294, E to WYO 295