Wyoming Highway 295, WYO 32 to US-14 Alt


AMP: 0

Location: WYO 295 and WYO 32, Big Horn Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 295, an important part of the Greybull/points south and east to Powell corridor

AMP: 2

Location: WYO 295 and CR R7, Park Cty

Turn left for CR R7

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 295 and CR 11H, Park Cty

Reassurance shield after we pass the unincorporated community of WIllwood. WYO 295 was heading due west, but it just turned north, which will be its general direction for the remainder of its course

AMP: 12

Location: S Fair St and Monroe St, Powell

Welcome to Powell!

AMP: 12

Location: S Fair St and Coulter Ave, Powell

No signage at the junction, but this is US-14 Alt. You’ll turn left for 14 Alt west/295 north, a quick one or two block concurrency, and right for 14 Alt east

N to US-14 Alt

W to WYO 295, E to WYO 114

N to WYO 33, S to US-14/US-16/US-20