Wyoming Highway 136, WYO 135 to Gas Hills Mining District


AMP: 1

Location: WYO 135 and WYO 136, Fremont Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 136, an insanely long spur to nowhere

AMP: 1

Location: WYO 136 and WYO 135, Fremont Cty

WYO 136 closes sometimes, and if that’s the case, return to Riverton by way of WYO 135 and WYO 789

AMP: 19

Location: WYO 136 and County Rd, Fremont Cty

Random reassurance shield in the middle of nowhere as we head the 44 miles to nowhere before this road dead ends. I’ve driven a lot of highways at this point, and this is the most frustratingly annoying one

AMP: 43.74 (!)

Location: WYO 136 and CR-5, Fremont Cty

WYO 136 ends at Fremont County Highway 5

AMP: 43.74

Location: WYO 136 and CR-5, Fremont Cty

This old sign is also at the end of 136. I can’t quite read it, but I think it reads ” NOTICE: THIS ROAD IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN ASSOCIATION WITH ABANDONED MINE LAND RECLAMATION WORK”

N to WYO 789, S to WYO 139