Colorado State Highway 2, US-6/US-85 to CO-44


Location: Dahila St and Vasquez Blvd, Adams Cty

Just after exiting 6/85 we are presented with the option to re-enter them

Location: Dahila Blvd and E 64th Ave, Adams Cty

Follow 64th Ave to get back on 6/85 heading the other direction and 2 West (South), to essentially do a U-Turn

Location: Dahila St and 64th Ave, Adams Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of that charlie foxtrot

Location: SH-2 and 104th Ave, Adams Cty

Junction SH-44/104th Ave coming up

Location: SH-2 and 104th Ave, Adams Cty

Turn left for SH-44 West, which heads towards 6/85

N to I-76/US-6, S to I-70

W to US-85

W to I-270/US-36, W to CO-265

N to CO-265, S to I-270/US-36