Interstate 76, CO-59 to CO-55


Location: I-76 and SH-59, Sedgwick Cty

Reassurance shield after the SH-59 interchange

Location: I-76 and County Rd, Logan Cty

Reassurance shield after a county road that heads up to US-138, which closely parallels I-76 from I-80 to Sterling

Location: I-76 and SH-55, Logan Cty

Junction SH-55 coming up, a very minor highway that mainly just connects I-76 and US-138

Location: I-76 and SH-55, Logan Cty

Exit for SH-55 .Head north for Crook and south for nothing

W to US-6, E to US-385

N to US-138, S to Logan CR 83

S to US-6, N to US-138