U.S. Route 287, CO-56 to CO-66


Location: Berthoud Pkwy and Mountain Ave, Boulder Cty
Reassurance shield after the SH-56 intersection

Location: US-287 and Wagonwheel Rd, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shiedl as we make our way towards Longmont. US-287 is at this point a 4 lane road with a 65 MPH speed limit (slow to 55 at intersections, a common Colorado practice)

Location: US-287 and Yellowstone Rd, Boulder Cty

Another reassurance shield as we head towards Longmont. The SH-66 junction is at the northern edge of town

Location: US-287 and SH-66, Longmont

Junction SH-66 coming up. 66 is a nice secondary highway from I-25 to Estes Park to bypass US-34

Location: US-287 and SH-66, Longmont

Stay straight to head to Denver via US-287, turn left for Platteville and I-25, turn right for Estes Park

Location: US-287 and SH-66, Longmont

No signage at the junction except for this stoplight. This is the first stoplight as we enter Longmont, and 287 will continue south through town

S to CO-119, N to CO-60

E to I-25/US-87, W to US-36

E to I-25/US-87