U.S. Route 287, CO-14 to CO-392


Location: College Ave and Pitkin St, Fort Collins

Reassurance shield at the Pitkin St intersection as we pass by Colorado State University

Location: S College Ave and Drake Rd, Fort Collins

Proceed straight to get to I-25 by following Harmony Rd (former SH-68) to the next interchange

Location: College Ave and Horsetooth Rd, Fort Collins

Continue straight to get down to Harmony Rd and I-25

Location: College Ave and Harmony Rd, Fort Collins

Turn left at this intersection to follow former SH-68 west to I-25

Location: College Ave and Carpenter Rd, Fort Collins

We don’t get anymore signage until we get to junction SH-392, which heads west to I-25. There is no other signage for 392 at the intersection

S to US-34, N to CO-1

E to I-25/US-87

W to CO-1, E to I-25/US-87