U.S. Route 287, WY State Line to CO-14


Location: US-287 at Wyoming State Line, Larimer Cty

First reassurance shield just after the border

Location: US-287 and Red Feather Lakes Rd, Livermore, Larimer Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass through Owl Canyon. We’re 21 miles from FoCo

Location: US-287 and Owl Canyon Rd, Larimer Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of the Owl Canyon area

Location: US-287 and Big Ridge Way, Larimer Cty

Another reassurance shield as we make our way down the highway. This is a fairly good stretch of road and a highly underrated alternative to I-80/I-25 between Laramie and Denver- saving between 10 and 30 minutes depending on traffic in Fort Collins

Location: US-287 and SH-14, Larimer Cty

We come to a junction with SH-14.

Location: US-287 and SH-14, Larimer Cty

Turn right for 14 west through the Poudre Canyon towards Walden, stay straight for 287 South/14 East. Colorado is funny about concurrencies- because they don’t technically exist by the letter of the law, signage can be quite strange. In this instance, SH-14 is consistently signed as TO SH-14, although this really is the mainline for SH-14 as well as for US-287. The two routes will travel into Fort Collins together

S to CO-1, N to I-80

W to CO-125, E to CO-1