U.S. Route 85, CO-256 to US-34/US-85 Bus


Location: S 2nd St and Crystal River Rd, La Salle

No signage after SH-256, but we enter the town of La Salle shortly thereafter

Location: US-85 and Old SH-394, La Salle

Reassurance shield as we head out of La Salle and pass the junction with former SH-394

Location: US-85 and US-34, Greeley

We enter the town of Greeley. Exit right up here to follow US-85 North and US-34 East. The sign is an error in that 34 and 85 will run concurrent immediately after the exit, so there’s no TO involved

Location: US-85 and US-34, Greeley

Next Right for the 85/34 concurrency.

Location: US-85 and US-34, Greeley

Exit for US-85 North/US-34 East. Stay straight to exit for 34 West, and stay straight for US-85 Business through downtown Greeley

N to US-34, S to CO-60

W to CO-257, E to US-85

N to US-34 Bus

W to CO-60