U.S. Route 85, US-85 Bus to US-85 Bus/CO-66


Location: US-85 and Denver Ave, Ft Lupton

Reassurance shield after the business loop rejoins and we head out of Fort Lupton

Location: US-85 and CR-28, Weld Cty

Reassurance shield after  County Road 28 as we pass through rural Weld County along the fairly congested corridor between Ft Lupton and Greeley

Location: US-85 and SH-66, Platteville

We come to a junction with 85 Business and SH-66, with SH-66 being the dominantly signed highway. 66 heads west towards I-25 and Longmont

Location: US-85 and SH-66, Platteville

Turn left for SH-66 west, with US-85 Business being poorly signed

Location: US-85 and SH-66, Platteville

At the junction we get our only US-85 Business signage. 85 Bus will follow SH-66 for a block and then turn right through downtown Platteville

N to US-85 Bus, S to US-85 Bus/CO-52

N to CO-66

W to US-85 Bus

S to CO-52