U.S. Route 85, CO-265 to I-70


Location: I-25 and York St, Denver

1/2 mile to US-6/US-85, 1 mile to Colorado 2 via I-70

Location: I-70 and Vasquez Blvd, Denver

OMG THE US HIGHWAYS ARE SIGNED. The hilarious part is that this is like the most inappropriate place to do it, as there is no 6/85 signage for Vasquez Blvd at the exit, and these signs so close to the split seem to indicate that you want to stay on I-70 even though you really don’t. 6/85 will split from I-70 without signage, which makes this retarded.

N to CO-2, S to I-25/I-70/US-87

W to I-25/US-6/US-85/US-87, E to CO-2

W to I-25/I-70/US-87, E to CO-2

W to CO-265, E to CO-2

N to US-6/US-85