U.S. Route 85 Business, US-34/US-85 to US-34 Bus


Location: US-85 Business and 26th St, Garden City

Before we get a reassurance shield, we enter the city of Garden City

Location: US-85 Business and 22nd St, Greeley

US-85 Bus enters the city of Greeley, the primary city it serves

Location: 8th Ave and 18th St, Greeley

We come to our junction with US-34 Business. Turn right for 34 Business east out towards East Greeley and US-34 East, stay straight for 34 Business west/85 business north which will head into downtown Greeley concurrent with each other

N to US-34 Bus

W to US-85 Bus, E to US-85

W to CO-257, E to US-85

N to US-34, S to CO-256