Wyoming Highway 414, WYO 410 to UT-43/UT State Line


AMP: 100

Location: WYO 414 and S 1st St, Mountain View

Reassurance shield after WYO 410

AMP: 106

Location: WYO 414 and CR 269, Uinta Cty

Junction CR 269

AMP: 119

Location: WYO 414 and CR 254, Uinta Cty

Junction CR 254

AMP: 121

Location: WYO 414 and County Road, Lonetree, Uinta Cty

As we get near the border, the signage seems strangely Utah like- normally unincorporated communities would list the elevation, but this is a standard Utah “Welcome to a town” sign

AMP: 128

Location: WYO 414 and County Road, Sweetwater Cty

Reassurance shield right after crossing into Sweetwater County, just before the state line

AMP: 135

Location: WYO 414 and McKinnon Rd, Sweetwater Cty

Turn left to follow a non-state highway paved road (rare) up towards Green River, stay straight to continue down to Manila. This is also a Utah-like sign as it gives the illusion of three separate panels while being only one. However, the font is Wyoming-like

AMP: 140

Location: WYO 414 at Utah State Line, Sweetwater Cty

Wyoming 414 enters Utah and becomes Utah SR 43, which heads 10 miles east and then resumes as Wyoming 530

N to I-80 Bus

E to UT-44

W to WYO 411