Wyoming Highway 71, WYO 78 to Carbon CR 401


AMP: 0

Location: WYO 71 and Higley Blvd, Rawlins

WYO 71 begins, heading west and then south of Rawlins. It is signed concurrent with Carbon County Route 401, which will continue after state maintenance ends 10 miles down the route

AMP: 1

Location: WYO 71 and W Davis St, Rawlins
WYO 71 passes under, but does not interchange with, I-80/US-30 as we head south out of Rawlins

AMP: 2

Location: WYO 71 and Ferris Crossing, Carbon Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Rawlins.WYO 71 will continue more or less due south for another 8 miles

AMP: 10

Location: WYO 71 and CR 401, Carbon Cty

Wyoming 71 ends here and Carbon County Route 401 will continue towards the Teton Reservoir. No idea why the highway ends right here

AMP: 10

Location: WYO 71 and Carbon CR 401

Carbon CR 401 reassurance shield

S to I-80/US-30