Wyoming Highway 76, I-80/US-30/US-287 to I-80/I-80 Bus/US-30/US-287/US-30 Bus


AMP: 222

Location: WYO 76 and I-80, Carbon Cty

WYO 76  begins, a state highway that follows Old US-30 and serves as a functional business loop for Sinclair

AMP: 221

Location: Lincoln Ave and 1st St, Sinclair

Welcome to Sinclair! Sinclair is the headquarters for Sinclair Gas and houses its largest refinery, visible in the background. A true company town.

AMP: 220

Location: Lincoln Ave and 9th St, Sinclair

Turn right to stay on WYO 76. This road will continue and run into I-80/US-30/US-287, but WYO 76 continues to Rawlins

AMP: 220

Location: 9th St and Union Ave, Sinclair

Turn right again to follow WYO 76 out of town

AMP: 219

Location: WYO 76 and Union Ave, Sinclair

WYO 76 passes under the interstate as we head out of Sinclair

AMP: 215

Location: WYO 76 and I-80, Rawlins

Turn right to follow I-80/US-30 East and US-287 South to the Sinclair exit, turn left to get on I-80/US-30 West, I-80/US-30 Business West, and US-287 North

E to WYO 76, W to WYO 78

W to US-287 Byp

E to WYO 76, W to WYO 78

S to WYO 76, N to US-287 Byp

W to US-287 Byp

E to US-30/US-287/WYO 130, W to WYO 76

E to I-80/WYO 130, W to WYO 76

S to I-80/WYO 130, N to WYO 76