Wyoming Highway 89, UT-16/UT State Line to I-80 Bus/US-189 Bus


AMP: 12

Location: WYO 89 and UT-16, Uinta Cty

Wyoming 89 re-emerges after the Jackson-Evanston highway winds into and then out of Utah

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 89 and Deer Mountain Rd, Bear River

WYO 89 enters the small town of Bear River, which is a bunch of houses more than a town

AMP: 2

Location: WYO 89 and Washington St, Evanston

No signage until we enter Evanston and we get a reassurance shield as the road widens to four lanes

AMP: 0

Location: WYO 89 and Bear River Dr, Evanston

We come to a junction with WYO 89. WYO 89 will run concurrent with the business routes for a few blocks, and then head south on its own through downtown Evanston before ending at I-80/US-189/WYO 150. Turn left to follow the business loops east to Rock Springs, turn right to follow WYO 89 and the business loops east for a few blocks.

S to I-80 Bus/US-189 Bus, N through physical gap to | US-30 to UT-30/UT State Line |

E to I-80/US-189/US-189 Bus, W to WYO 89

N to I-80/I-80 Bus/US-189, S to WYO 89

N to UT-39