Wyoming Highway 89, US-30 to UT-30/UT State Line


AMP: 16

Location: WYO 89 and US-30, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield for Wyoming 89 after the split

AMP: 11

Location: WYO 89 and UT-30, Lincoln Cty

Welcome to Utah! To follow Wyoming 89, the fastest route to Salt Lake, stay on Utah 30 west for a few miles, then turn left on Utah 16 south, which will take you back into Wyoming. WYO 89 will resume at that point. Sort of annoying to have two route 30s this close together. Utah 30 heads all the way to Nevada.

S through physical gap to | UT-16/UT State Line to I-80 Bus/US-189 Bus |, N to WYO 231/WYO 232

W to UT-16

E to US-30 Byp, W to WYO 231/WYO 232