Wyoming Highway 89, ID-61/ID State Line to US-30


AMP: 54

Location: WYO 89 and Idaho SH 61, Lincoln Cty

Wyoming 89 begins. For this stretch of WYO 89, WYO 89 runs directly along the Idaho state line. Everything to the right, including that reassurance shield, is in Idaho. Wyoming 89 is sort of a weird highway as it is billed as a continuation of US 89 by Wyoming and pimped heavily as the “Fastest Route to Salt Lake.” Unfortunately, it’s poorly marked and weaves in and out of Wyoming, not even directly connecting to US 89, except by way of Idaho 61, which is not even currently signed as TO WYO 89. It will later enter Utah, where it will run down two separate state highways. This stretch of road is disconnected from the rest of Wyoming by a mountain range.

Location: 45

Location: WYO 89 and US-30, Lincoln Cty

We quickly come to a junction with US-30 just 100 yards or so from the Idaho state line. WYO 89 will run with US-30 down past Cokeville until US-30 begins to head east towards Kemmerer. WYO 89 will then run south into Utah.

S to WYO 231/WYO 232

E to WYO 231/WYO 232, W to ID State Line

N to US-89