U.S. Route 30, NE-19 to NE-L17J


Location: US-30 and N-19, Cheyenne Cty

Reassurance shield for US-30. This used to also be Business I-80, and you can see where the sign would have fit

Location: Illinois St and 9th Ave, Sidney

There are a couple traditional Lincoln Highway shields on US-30 through Sidney

Location: Illinois St and 6th Ave, Sidney

Lincoln Highway Reassurance shield as we head out of downtown Sidney

Location: Illinois St and L-17J, Sidney

Junction Link 17 J coming up, turn right to get TO I-80 via L-17J, turn left to go to Bridgeport via US-30 west and then US-385 north. We’re less than a half mile from the US-385 junction

Location: Illinois St and L-17J, Sidney

Turn right for Link 17J, turn left for US-30 TO US-385, but US-385 is so close the TO designation is unnecessary

E to US-385, W to NE-L17C

S to I-80

S to I-80