Interstate 80, NE-L53C to NE-71


Location: I-80 and L-53C, Kimball Cty

Reassurance shield after L-53C

Location: I-80 and I-80 EB Rest Area, Kimball Cty

Nebraska puts “Eisenhower Interstate System” shields up after all rest areas. These signs are optional for placement along the US Interstate system; Nebraska ┬áproudly displays them.

Location: I-80 and N-71, Kimball Cty

Junction N-71 coming up. N-71 is part of a larger Multi State Route 71 that runs from US 50 near La Junta, Colorado, all the way up to US 18 in South Dakota.

Location: I-80 and N-71, Kimball Cty

Nebraska 71 exits. Nebraska 71 is a pretty major route from here north to Scottsbluff, connecting I-80 to the Panhandle’s largest city. North of Kimball all the way to Scottsbluff, N-71 is an expressway, and they are working on connecting I-80 to Kimball via expressway as well.

E to NE-L53E, W to I-80 Bus/NE-L53B

N to US-30, S to CO-71/CO State Line

N to US-30