Colorado State Highway 96, US-287 to US-287


Location: US-287 and SH-96, Kiowa Cty

Reassurance shield as 96 joins 287.

Location: 15th St and Rittgers St, Eads

Less than a mile later, we’ll enter Eads.

Location: 15th St and Maine St, Eads

As we skirt the south side of Eads, 287 will split from 96 to head up to Kit Carson. Stay on 96 for Haswell and Ordway.

Location: 15th St and SH-96, Eads

Keep right for 287 north. Turn left for 96 west as the road bears to the north.

Location: 15th St and SH-96, Eads

Turn left for 96 west.

 W to CO-71, E to US-385

 S to CO-196N to US-40

 S to CO-96N to US-40

 S to CO-196N to CO-96