U.S. Route 285, CO-370 to US-160


Location: US-285 and SH-370, Alamosa Cty

Reassurance shield after the 370 junction.

Location: US-285 and Rd 9S, Alamosa Cty

Turn right or left for Road 9S.

Location: US-285 and Rd 8S, Alamosa Cty

Turn left for Rd 8S and keep left to stay on US-285 north.

Location: US-285 and Rd 8S, Alamosa Cty

At the same bend, there’s a second sign to remind us to keep left.

Location: West Ave and Rd 8 S, Alamosa

Welcome to Alamosa!

Location: West Ave and 7th St, Alamosa

A couple blocks later, we’ll approach US-160. Take 160 east to Fort Garland and 160 west/285 north to Monte Vista.

Location: West Ave and 6th St, Alamosa

Stay straight for 160 west/285 north, which run concurrent to Monte Vista. Turn right for 160 east to Colorado 17.

 N to US-160/CO-15, S to CO-368

 E to CO-17, W to US-285/CO-15

 W to CO-15