U.S. Route 287, CO-116 to US-160


Location: US-287 and SH-116, Baca Cty

Reassurance shield after the 116 junction.

Location: US-287 and CR HH, Baca Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later as the Springfield skyline comes into view.

Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Springfield

Welcome to Springfield!

Location: Main St and 13th St, Springfield

Reassurance shield as we head out of Springfield.

Location: US-287 and US-160, Baca Cty

Stay on 287/385 south for Campo and Boise City, Okla. Follow 160 east to Walsh and 160 west to Pritchett. Not sure why there’s such an aversion to out-of-state control cities here.

Location: US-287 and US-160, Baca Cty

Turn right for US-160 east and left for US-160 west.

Location: US-287 and US-385, Baca Cty
Stay straight for 287/385 south.

 S to OK-3/OK State Line, N to US-50/US-385

 N to US-50/US-287, S to OK-3/OK State Line

 E to CO-89

 E to CO-100W to CO-109