U.S. Route 287, CO-71 to I-70


Location: Main St and 1st Ave, Limon
Reassurance shield after 71 as we head out of Limon. In typical fashion, the business loop signage disappears.

Location: US-24 and I-70, Lincoln Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach I-70. Turn right for I-70 east.

Location: US-24 and I-70, Limon
Turn left for I-70 west. US-24/40/287 will run parallel to the interstate for another mile or so.

 S to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24N to CO-71

 W to CO-71E to I-70/US-24/US-40/US-287

 W to CO-71E to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287

 W to CO-71E to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24

 W to I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287/US-24 Bus, E to I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287

 N to US-36, S to I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287