U.S. Route 287, I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24 Spur to US-24/US-24 Spur


Location: Williams St and I-70, Limon

Just after the I-70 split, we’re 1000 feet from a turn onto the old highway. There is an unsigned US-24 Spur route along this stretch – a designation that exists only on paper.

Location: Williams Ave and Main St, Limon

At the light, turn left for the business loop to SH-71. Stay straight for US-24 west.

Location: Williams Ave and Main St, Limon

Turn left for US-24/US-40 west and  US-287 south. 24 Spur ends.

 S to CO-71, N to CO-86

 E to CO-71

 W to CO-86, E to CO-71

 W to CO-94, E to CO-71

 W to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-40/US-287

 W to CO-86, E to I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287

 E to US-24/US-24 Spur

 E to I-70/I-70 Bus/US-24/US-40/US-287