Wyoming Highway 312, WYO 34 to I-25 Bus/US-87 Bus/WYO 310


AMP: 0

Location: Ferguson Rd and WYO 34, Platte Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. WYO 312 is a quick way to get from WYO 34 into downtown Wheatland without having to get on and off the interstate

AMP: 6

Location: Ferguson Rd and Palmer Canyon Rd, Wheatland

Welcome to Wheatland!

AMP: 7

Location: W South St and 19th St, Wheatland

We’re about to pass under I-25/US-87 with no interchange and quickly come up on the junction with I-25 Bus/US-87 Bus and WYO 310. US-87 Business is signed incorrectly as US-87, presumably because an extra banner there would look awkward

AMP: 7

Location: South St and 16th St, Wheatland

Stay straight for I-25 business/US-87 business north to head towards downtown, turn right for the southbound. Turn LEFT for WYO 310 which is unsigned from this direction (it is signed from the business loop). WYO 312 ends here

S to I-25/US-87/US-87 Bus, N to WYO 316

S to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-87, N to WYO 316

W to WYO 311

E to I-25/US-87, W to US-30/US-287