Wyoming Highway 318, WYO 270 to Sunrise


AMP: 4.5

Location: Main St and WYO 270, Hartville

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 318 which heads through downtwon Hartville before abruptly dead ending. Hartville is interesting- it’s Wyoming’s oldest incorporated town and had a ghost town type feel to it. It is very unique in that most towns in this area sit out on vast prairies, but this one is tucked between two hills and is very narrow which made sense for its old mining economy. Mileposts start at 4.5

AMP: 5.63

Location: Grant St at Sunrise, Platte Cty

WYO 318 ends at a dead end by a small private community called Sunrise

S to US-26, N to US-18/US-20