U.S. Route 160, I-25 Bus to I-25 Bus Spur


Location: I-25 and I-25 Business, Las Animas Cty

Reassurance shield after the business loop rejoins

Location: I-25 and CR 310, Las Animas Cty

Another reassurance shield after a random county road

Location: I-25 and I-25 Business Spur, Las Animas Cty

Exit here for an old alignment of US-85/87 kept in the system as I-25 Business Spur, an unsigned spur into Aguilar

E to I-25/US-85/US-87W to I-25/US-85/US-87/CO-10

S to US-160, N to US-160/CO-10

N to US-160/CO-10, S to US-160

S to US-160, N to US-160/CO-10

S to Aguilar

N to US-160