Utah State Route 21, UT-310 to UT-160


Location: SR-21 and SR-310, Beaver Cty

Reassurance shield after the Minersville State Park junction

Location: SR-21 and 500 W, Beaver Cty

As we enter Beaver, we’ll cross under I-15. No direct access from 21 to 15 though, so stay straight to access it.

Location: Center St and 100 W, Beaver

A couple blocks later, we’re in Beaver. Turn right for 160 south to I-15 and left for 160 north to I-15. 160 is a de facto business loop of I-15.

Location: Center St and Main St, Beaver

SR-21 ends here.

W to UT-130

N to UT-153, S to I-15

N to Minersville State Park