Utah State Route 59, UT-9 to AZ-389/AZ State Line


Location: Main St and State St, Hurricane

As SR-59 begins, it will immediately turn left.

Location: Main St and 100 S, Hurricane

Turn left for 59 east

Location: 100 S and Main St, Hurricane

After the turn, stay straight for 59 east, which will quickly climb its way to the top of the mountain in the distance

Location: SR-59 and 600 E, Washington Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Hurricane

Location: SR-59 and Apple Valley Dr, Apple Valley

A few miles east of Hurricane, we’ll cross through the non-town of Apple Valley

Location: SR-59 and 1500 W, Hildale

A few miles after that, we’ll enter polygamist country. The twin cities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona are the headquarters of the Fundamental LDS church, which practices polygamy in earnest. Outsiders are shunned from the area, so the highway largely bypasses the towns to the east.

Location: SR-59 and SR 389, Washington Cty

Welcome to Arizona! The highway continues as SR 389, which goes on to Fredonia. 59/389 is the best route from Hurricane UT to Kanab UT.

S to US-89A

S to UT-318, N to UT-17