U.S. Route 191, US-163 to UT-162


Location: US-191 and US-163, San Juan Cty

Reassurance shield after the 163 junction

Location: US-191 and 6th W, Bluff

Less than a mile later, we’ll approach the town of Bluff.

Location: US-191 and SR-162, Bluff

As we head out of Bluff, we’ll approach SR-162. At some point, UDOT explored renumbering 162 to 163 and extending it down to US-160 in Colorado. Not sure what happened with that.

Location: US-191 and SR-162, San Juan Cty

Follow 191 to Blanding and 162 to Montezuma Creek and Aneth.

N to UT-262, S to AZ State Line

E to UT-262

S to UT-261