U.S. Route 93, NV-168 to NV-318


Location: US-93 and SR 168, Clark Cty

Reassurance shield after the 168 junction

Location: US-93 at the Clark County Line, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later as we enter Lincoln County

Location: US-93 and Kane Springs Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance banner after a back road up to Caliente that connects to SR 317

Location: US-93 and Weeping Willow St, Alamo

A few miles later, we’ll enter Alamo, which houses many of the people who work at Area 51, located just west of here.

Location: US-93 and Ash Springs Rd, Ash Springs

Just after Alamo, we’ll approach the smaller community of Ash Springs

Location: US-93 and SR 318, Lincoln Cty

A few miles after that, we’ll approach SR 318. 318 is a faster route from here to Ely than US-93, as 93 winds through the Great Basin National Park and Caliente, while 318 just heads due north

Location: US-93 and SR 318, Lincoln Cty

NDOT wants you to stay on US-93, however, as does the billboard in the background. Follow 318 towards Rachel, the closest community to Area 51 by the main access road, and Tonopah, a larger town on the west side of the state.

Location: US-93 and SR 318, Lincoln Cty

Rachel and Tonopah are actually served by SR 375, which we’ll approach about a half mile west of here. Turn left for 318 to 375.

N to NV-317, S to I-15

W to NV-375

E to I-15