U.S. Route 95, NV-602 to I-15/I-515/US-93/NV-578


Location: I-515 and Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

After Las Vegas Blvd, we’ll approach I-15.

Location: I-515 and Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas

Reassurance shield after SR 602 and Las Vegas Blvd

Location: I-515 and I-15, Las Vegas

I-515 will end at the junction. US-95 continues on this roadway by itself, heading to Tonopah and Reno. I-15 south heads towards Los Angeles, while I-15 North will take US-93 to head towards Salt Lake

Location: I-515 and I-15, Las Vegas

Exit for I-15 south

Location: I-515 and I-15, Las Vegas

Exit for I-15/US-93 towards Nevada 578. Stay straight for I-15 north towards Reno.

Location: I-515 and Washington Ave, Las Vegas

As 515/93 north merge onto I-15, we’ll approach I-15′s exit 43, which is Washington Blvd. No actual access to it from I-515/US-93/US-95, but it’s right in the middle of that interchange with I-15.

N to NV-599, S to NV-159

S to NV-159

N to NV-147, S to NV-159

S to NV-159, N to NV-147

S to NV-602

N to NV-147, S to NV-602

E to Las Vegas Blvd

E to NV-579, S to Stewart Ave