Interstate 515, NV-159 to NV-602


Location: I-515 and Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas

Reassurance shield after Charleston Blvd as we finally enter the city of Las Vegas

Location: I-515 and Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas

2 miles to Las Vegas Blvd and Casino Center Blvd/SR 602, 3.25 miles to I-15 as we approach downtown Las Vegas. Downtown is not the fun part of Las Vegas- that’s the Strip which is due west of here. Downtown Las Vegas is pretty boring.

Location: I-515 and Eastern Ave, Las Vegas

3/4 miles to SR 602, and then I-15 is coming up in a mile and a half. Weirdly formatted sign- LA and SLC certainly aren’t that close, but I-15 is. It makes sense, so it’s fine, but still non-standard.

Location: I-515 and Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Exit for Las Vegas Blvd and SR 602, which is Casino Center Blvd and is also accessible off this exit.

N to I-15/US-93/US-95/NV-578, S to NV-582

N to I-15/I-515/US-95/NV-578, S to NV-582

N to I-15/I-515/US-93/NV-578, S to NV-582

E to NV-579, S to Stewart Ave

E to NV-612, W to NV-582