U.S. Route 189, I-84 to WY State Line


Location: I-80 and I-84, Echo Jct, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield after I-84

Location: I-80 at a Rest Area, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield for traffic coming on from a rest area

Location: I-80 and Echo Canyon Rd, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield after traffic from Emory rejoins. I experienced my first career car trouble here when one of my wheels almost fell off

Location: I-80 and Castle Rock Frontage Rd, Summit Cty

Another reassurance shield as we pass through some very remote territory

Location: I-80 and Ranch Rd, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield after a county road

Location: I-80 and S Wahsatch Rd, Wahsatch

The final reassurance shield in Utah after the Wahsatch Rd interchange. I-80 heads into Wyoming

N to I-80 Bus/US-189 Bus, S to UT-280

E to I-80 Bus/US-189 Bus, W to UT-280

W to UT-65