Utah State Route 71, UT-152 to UT-209


Location: 900 E and Van Winkle Expy, Murray

Reassurance shield after we turn south onto 900 East after the SR-152 junction

Location: 900 E and 5600 S, Murray

Reassurance shield after the 5600 S intersection

Location: 900 E and 6600 S, Murray

Follow 6600 S, which is coming up in a couple blocks, to get to I-215. There is no intersection between the Belt Route and SR-71

Location: 900 E and 6600 S, Murray

Turn left for 6600 S to I-215

Location: 700 E and 900 S, Sandy

We’ll go a couple miles without signage and then approach SR-209 without advance notice. Stay straight for 71 South, turn left for 209 east and right for 209 west

S to US-89, N to UT-266

E to UT-210, W to US-89

S to I-215