U.S. Route 91, UT-218 to UT-252


Location: Main St and 100 S, Smithfield

Reassurance shield after the SR-218 junction

Location: US-91 and 800 S, Cache Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Smithfield

Location: US-91 and 3600 N, Cache Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll hit the main road to Hyde Park, a little town east of here. Shockingly ,the road is not a state highway. Stay straight for 91 South

Location: US-91 and 3600 N, Cache Cty

Reassurance shield after the Hyde Park turnoff

Location: Main St and 2500 N, Logan

As we enter Logan, we’ll approach SR-252 at the light. Turn right for SR-252 south. 252 heads around the west side of Logan and can be a nifty bypass from here to Ogden

S to US-89, N to UT-142

S to UT-30

W to UT-23