Utah State Route 150, UT-32 to WY-150/WY State Line


Location: Center St and Main St, Kamas

Reassurance shield at the beginning of SR-150, a ridiculously scenic backway from here to Evanston, Wyo.

Location: SR-150 and NF-037, Summit Cty

A couple miles out of Kamas, turn right for Road 37

Location: SR-150 and NF-037, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield after Road 37

Location: SR-150 and Lost Lake Rd, Summit Cty

A few miles later, we’ll start to really drive up the mountains to get to the top of Bald Mtn. Here’s a reassurance shield after the turnoff to Lost Lake

Location: SR-150 and Bald Mtn Pass, Summit Cty

At the top of Bald Mountain, we’re 48 miles from Evanston, Wyo.

Location: SR-150 at the top of Bald Mtn Pass, Summit Cty

Reassurance shield as we start to head down the mountain

Location: SR-150 and Mill Creek Rd, Summit Cty

As we get towards the bottom of the mountain and slowly head out of the trees, we’ll get one last reassurance shield. In a few miles, we’ll be back in the Plains and in Wyoming

Location: SR-150 and WYO 150, Summit Cty

Welcome to Wyoming! The roadway continues as WYO 150

N to I-80/US-189/WY-89

N to UT-302, S to UT-248