U.S. Route 189, UT-113 to US-40


Location: US-189 and SR-113, Wasatch Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR-113 junction as we near the Heber area

Location: US-189 and US-40, Heber City

As we come to the southern part of Heber City, we’ll approach US-40

Location: US-189 and US-40, Heber City

This is a contentious issue among roadgeeks. Since Utah doesn’t like concurrencies, it decided that US-189 would just end right here at US-40, since it runs concurrent with US-40 and then I-80 until Wyoming. The route officially continues as an unsigned concurrency, despite the fact that UDOT won’t mark it again

Location: US-40 and US-189, Heber City

Follow 40 west and 189 north towards I-80 and Park City. Follow 40 east towards Vernal

N to UT-113, S to UT-314

W to UT-113E to UT-208

N to US-40/US-189