Wyoming Highway 59, US-14/US-16 to MT-59/MT State Line


AMP: 118

Location: WYO 59 and US-14, Campbell Cty

Reassurance shield after WYO 59 splits from 14/16

AMP: 120

Location: WYO 59 and Little Powder River Rd, Campbell Cty

Reassurance shield after Little Powder River Rd, the old alignment of WYO 59 into Gillette

AMP: 124

Location: WYO 59 and Wildwood Rd, Campbell Cty

A few miles north of Gillette, we’ll approach the closure gate

AMP: 140

Location: WYO 59 and Heald Rd, Weston, Campbell Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass the unincorporated town of Weston. This is a unique shield- it says WYO instead of WYOMING and lacks the buckinghorse. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Wyoming shields truncated to read WYO, but the buckinghorse needs to be there

AMP: 170

Location: Montana 59 and WYO 59, Powder River Cty MT

30 miles later, we’ll cross into Montana. There’s no WELCOME TO MONTANA sign or a Montana 59 shield, just this Broadus 34 sign and the usual fines double/buckle up signs.

S to I-90 Bus/WYO 50

N to US-212

W to WYO 341E to I-90 Bus/WYO 50

E to I-90 Bus/WYO 50, W to WYO 341