Wyoming Highway 116, US-16 to US-16


AMP: 219

Location: 2nd St and Ash St, Upton

Just after WYO 116 joins US-16, it will prepare to split. Upton was being completely rebuilt when I came through here, so I suspect that’s why signage is…uh…lacking

AMP: 220

Location: 2nd St and Hay Creek Rd, Upton

Turn right for WYO 116 “South” (west). It says detour, and I guess it technically is, but it’s the worlds shortest detour. The real alignment is that slab in the distance, and this “detour” goes about 50 feet through a parking lot before catching back with the mainline

W to WYO 450, E to I-90 Bus/US-14

E to WYO 451, W to I-90 Bus

E to WYO 451, W to WYO 116

E to WYO 116, W to I-90 Bus