Wyoming Highway 331, I-90 Bus/US-87/US-14 Bus to Sheridan CR 53


AMP: 0

Location: Main St and Loucks St, Sheridan

Reassurance shield as WYO 331 begins- this is sort of weird deal. I suspect 331 is locally maintained through the Sheridan city limits, with WYDOT just putting up the cowboyless TO 331 shields. WYDOT does consider this part of the route for milepost purposes, so that makes it feel like the real 331, although we may be heading TO the state maintained part of it

AMP: 0

Location: Loucks St and Main St, Sheridan Cty

As we head out of the city limits of Sheridan, WYO 331 will formally begin at milepost .86

AMP: 1

Location: WYO 331 and Westview Ln, Sheridan Cty

Turn left for Westview Ln/CR 76

AMP: 2

Location: WYO 336 and Golf Course Rd, Sheridan Cty

Turn right for Golf Course Rd/CR 117, which shockingly heads towards the Golf Course

AMP: 5

Location: WYO 336 and CR 87, Sheridan Cty

A couple miles later, turn right for CR 91 and left for CR 87

AMP: 6

Location: WYO 336 and Beckton Hall Rd, Sheridan Cty

Turn left for Beckton Hall Rd/CR 81

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 336 and Beckton Rd, Beckton, Sheridan Cty
As we enter the Beckton area which is just a few houses, turn right for CR 89/Beckton Rd

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 336 and Big Goose Canyon Rd, Sheridan Cty

WYO 336 ends just after that, turning into CR 53/Big Goose Canyon Rd

E to WYO 332, W to WYO 330/WYO 336

S to WYO 332, N to WYO 330/WYO 336

W to WYO 330/WYO 336, E to WYO 332