Wyoming Highway 350, US-189 to Bridger-Teton National Forest


AMP: 0

Location: Budd Ave and Front St, Big Piney

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 350, which serves downtown Big Piney before heading out of town

AMP: 0

Location: Budd Ave and Nichols St, Big Piney

As we get to the west edge of Big Piney, turn right for WYO 350 to head out of town

AMP: 1

Location: WYO 350 and Dodge St, Sublette Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Big Piney

AMP: 5

Location: WYO 350 and Middle Piney Rd, Sublette Cty

I botched this shot, but this is the end of WYO 350 at the national forest boundary

N to WYO 351, S to WYO 235