U.S. Route 6, UT-136 to US-50


Location: US-6 and SR-136, Millard Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR-136 junction

Location: US-6 and 800 North, Delta

Just after that, we’ll enter Delta, the last outpost of civilization for 83 miles- with no real town coming up until Ely, Nevada, 147 miles away

Location: US-6 and Main St, Delta

As we enter Delta, we’ll approach US-50. Follow 50 east towards Fillmore and 6/50 west towards Ely, Nevada

Location: US-6 and Main St, Delta

Turn left for US-50 east and right for 6 west/50 west. The two routes will concur until Ely

W to UT-257, E to UT-174

 W to UT-257, E to UT-125/UT-136

S to US-50