U.S. Route 89, UT-209 to UT-71


Location: State St and 10200 South, Draper

Several blocks after SR-209, we’ll approach SR-71. First, we’ll get another giant TO I-15 shield, directing us to follow SR-71, presumably. The problem is, this sign is so far back it’s useless. If you got in the right lane and turned here, you’d end up on the mall access road

Location: State St and 10600 South, Draper

A few blocks later, we’ll actually come to SR-71

Location: State St and 10600 South, Draper

Turn left for 71 east. US-89 will seize to be signed here, but turn right for SR-71 west and US-89 South to I-15. 89 will join I-15 at the interchange.

S to I-15/UT-71, N to UT-48

S to I-15/US-89, N to UT-209

E to UT-71, W to I-15