U.S. Route 89, UT-173 to I-215


Location: State St and 5300 South, Murray

Reassurance shield after SR-173. These Murray reassurance shields are all marked like trailblazers, but we’re definitely on mainline 89

Location: State St and 5900 South, Murray

Reassurance shield after 5900 South

Location: State St and 6400 South, Murray

A few blocks after that, we’ll approach I-215. there is no access to 215 west from here- you’ll have to take 6400 South to Fashion Blvd. If you stay on 89, however, you can get to 215 east

Location: State St and I-215, Murray

Turn left for I-215 east.

S to UT-48, N to UT-266

W to I-15, E to UT-152

W to I-15