U.S. Route 93, NV-232 to I-80/I-80 Bus/US-93 Alt


Location: US-93 and Clover Valley Rd, Elko Cty

Reassurance shield after the unmarked SR 232 junction as we near Wells

Location: US-93 and I-80, Wells

Several miles later we’ll approach the small town of Wells and I-80. Turn right for I-80 east and unsigned (from this direction) US-93 Alternate south towards Salt Lake City, Utah. Stay straight for I-80 west towards Elko and 93 north towards Twin Falls

Location: US-93 and I-80, Wells

Turn right for I-80 and here unmarked 93 Alt South, stay straight for 93 north and I-80 west.

Location: US-93 and I-80, Wells

Turn left for 80 west towards Elko, stay straight for Twin Falls, Idaho. We’ll also pick up I-80 Business here for a block or so

N to I-80 Bus, S to NV-229

E to NV-233, W to I-80 Bus/NV-231

W to US-93

S to NV-233

S to Clover Valley Rd