Wyoming Highway 192, WYO 387 to WYO 191/WYO 196


AMP: 35

Location: WYO 192 and WYO 387, Johnson Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of WYO 192, a pleasant route that serves the highly trafficked Kaycee-Gillette corridor (maybe)

AMP: 30

Location: WYO 192 and Jackson St, Johnson Cty
Reassurance shield as we pass the unincorporated community of Linch

AMP: 19

Location: WYO 192 and Buffalo-Sussex Cutoff Rd, Johnson Cty

Reassurance shield after the Sussex area as we pass a backroad that heads northwest to WYO 196 just south of Buffalo

AMP: 0

Location: WYO 192 and Holt Ave, Johnson Cty

Just before we get to Kaycee, we get advance signage for the junction with I-25/US-87, which is served by WYO 191

AMP: 0

Location: Mayoworth Rd and Holt Ave, Kaycee

Welcome to Kaycee!

AMP: 0

Location: Mayoworth Rd and Nolan Ave, Kaycee

WYO 192 ends here. Stay straight for WYO 191 to get to the interstate, turn right for WYO 196 (old 87) north towards Buffalo, and left for WYO 196 (old 87) south into downtown Kaycee

W to I-25/US-87

N to I-25 Bus/US-87 Bus, S to I-25/US-87

S to WYO 259, N to WYO 50